Sunday, January 15, 2012

1960 Fleer Vern Law

In 1960 Fleer release a set of Baseball Greats. This set featured retired players, managers and executives plus one active player, Ted Williams. Continuing the theme, I put the 1960 Cy Young Award winner, Vern Law on a 1960 Fleer card.

Vern Law won 20 games for the 1960 World Series Champion Pirates. In the World Series he won game 1 and game 4 and started game 7. He left game 7 with the Pirates up 4-1 in the 6th but didn't get the decision. The Yankees stormed back and ultimately the Series was won on Mazeroski's memorable homer. Law also pitched in both All Star games in 1960. He earned the save (not an official stat in 1960) in the first game and the win in the second All Star game.

Vern Law was also the father of Vance Law a utility infielder for both the Cubs and the White Sox.


  1. Vern looks really ready for that imaginary come backer.

  2. Great card! I just finished reading a book about Vern Law and the 1960 Pirates and just discovered how good he was.

  3. A batting helmet is for batting ... know what I mean Vern?