Thursday, April 29, 2021

Topps All-Star Misses: 1969 NL Infield

My latest project is making All Star Cards That Never Year for the years 1958-62 and 1968-70.  Diring those years Topps decision making on these cards was haphazard and a mystery to everybody but Topps. They were NOT based on the current season's "Sporting News All Stars" nor the previous season's ASG starters.  So I've made additional cards based on this criteria.   

What started as an idea for a small project, ballooned to over 150 cards so I'll be posting these in small doses.  I'll be breaking it down by year, league (NL or AL), and positions (battery, infield and outfield).


It's only my second post in this series and I have to admit that Topps was pretty much on point in regards to the 1969 NL infield.  The 1969 Topps All Stars had McCovey, Helms, Kessinger and Santo who also just happened to be the actual 1968 ASG starting infield. McCovey, Kessinger and Santo were also named to the 1969 "Sporting News" All Star team.  

That only leaves Glenn Beckert who was named "The Sporting News" All Star 2nd baseman in 1969. So here is a 1969 All Star card that could have been.

  • 1969 NL ASG Starter
  • 1969 Sporting News All Star
  • 1968 Gold Glove
  • 9th in MVP voting 1968
  • Led MLB with 22.6 At-Bats per Strikeout


Monday, April 26, 2021

Topps All-Star Misses: 1970 AL Battery

From 1958-1970 Topps has been including "All-Star" cards.  But how Topps chose the players always seemed a bit off to me.  Understandably, they weren't the current year's All-Star starters because of printing deadlines, etc.  But they weren't the previous year's All-Stars either.  Often the framed it as "The Sporting News" or "Sport Magazine" All-Stars, but that still doesn't check out.  

So I set out to make All-Star Cards That Never Were for the players that could have been included.  My criteria was simple. Either they were a starter in the previous year's All Star Game or they were named to the real "Sporting News All-Star Team" for the current season.

When I started this project, I had really no idea what I was taking on.  I ended up making over 150 All-Star Cards That Never Were.  That was just from 8 years; 1958-62 and 1969-70. Remember, Topps took a break from 1963-67 then again from 1971-73.  After that (with a few exceptions) their cards mirrored the previous year's All Star Game starters.

Darold Knowles:

  • Although not the starting pitcher in the 1969 ASG, he was the first lefty to come on in relief for the AL team.
  • In 1970 he had 27 saves, 3rd in AL.
  • In 1970 had a 2.04 ERA.

Mel Stottlemyre:

  • Starter for the AL in the 1969 ASG
  • 18th in MVP voting 1969
  • Led AL with 24 Complete Games in 1969
  • 1970 All Star reserve.  Pitched 1.2 innings, credited with a blown save.

Jim Perry:

  • Named to 1970 Sporting News All Star Team
  • 1970 Cy Young Award winner.
  • Led AL with 24 Wins in 1970.
  • 9th in 1970 MVP voting.
  • 1970 All Star Game reserve. Pitched 2 innings.
  • 3rd in 1969 Cy Young Award voting.
  • 9th in 1969 MVP voting.

Ray Fosse:

  • Named to 1970 Sporting News All Star Team,
  • 1970 All Star Game reserve. 
  • 1970 Gold Glove award winner.
  • 23rd in MVP voting 1970.

Who probably didn't merit inclusion in the 1970 Topps All-Star set, but was in it anyway? 

Denny McLain:
Although the 1969 Cy Young award winner, he was suspended the first 3 months of the 1970 season due to bookmaking activities. He did pitch in relief in the 1969 ASG but was not on the 1970 All Star roster.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Contest Winners

First of all, thank you to all that commented on my latest contest.  I decided to send all of you both cards.  I really appreciate the regular followers of this blog, even though my posting is spotty at best.  So if you were one of those who posted a comment on my contest post, email me your address ( and I'll mail them out.  Thanks again!

If you like the cards, you can support my addiction by purchasing a pack (the link is in the right margin).  I also have individual cards from both packs available on eBay.  My seller name is ctnwblog_8.   Once, I get close to my break even point, I'll make another pack.

I am also working on a project now that will mean plenty of posts to come.  I've hinted at these before.  I'm making a lot of Cards That Never Were.  Once they're done, I'll be posting a few times a

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Series 2 Packs - Sold Out!!!

Here is the second pack of physical cards from this blog.  I am selling these through this site for $10.00 per pack plus $4.50 shipping. Please use the link:

Sold Out
I was hoping to have these done by opening day.  I just barely made it. This group is split between my "Barrier-Breakers" series and some of the baseball legends we lost this past year.  You can also buy them individually on eBay. My seller's name there is ctnwblog_8.

So, what's in each pack?

12 Cards That Never Were plus a special insert.

The insert card is a 1969 Joe Morgan Deckle.

All cards are professionally printed.

Front and Back.

The backs are formatted in a style consistent with their year.

The front of the cards are glossy.

The backs are not.

These are similar in look and feel to the Topps Archives cards.

This pack is made up of cards from my "Barrier-Breaker" series, featuring the first Black player on each team.

It also includes some legendary players that we lost this past year.

For those that wish to buy the cards individually,

They are currently available on eBay. 

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