Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Topps All-Star Misses: 1970 NL Infield

The 1969 starting NL All Star infield was faithfully represented in Topps 1970 All Star subset. Around the horn they had McCovey at 1st, Felix Millan at 2nd, Santo at 3rd and Kessinger at short. Honestly, not bad for Topps.  

But arguments could be made for the actual 1970 Sporting News All Star; McCovey and Kessinger were also 1970 TSN All Stars at their respective positions.  However, at second TSN picked Glenn Beckert and at third they had Tony Perez. 

So here are the 1970 All Star Cards That Never Were of Beckert and Perez:


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Another Pack - Another Contest: Part 4

 This time I'm doing it a bit differently.  Due to the crazy amount of spam comments lately, I've had to moderate my comments and only allow non spam through.  Additionally, I am making this a Twitter-Only contest.  If you click on the image below of my contest tweet, it will take you right to the tweet.

Once on Twitter, simply "Like" and "Retweet". You are entered. I will draw 1 random winner of the entire pack and 5 winners of the Frank Thomas insert seen below:

I'm sorry I couldn't run a parallel contest on this blog, but there is a genuine problem with spam here.

Again, I thank the regular followers of this blog.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

SOLD OUT!! - Series 4 Packs On Sale Now - ALL FOOTBALL


 Here is the fourth pack of physical cards from this blog.  This time they are ALL football cards!! As usual, I am selling these through this site for $10.99 per pack plus $4.50 shipping. Please use the link:

Due to several requests, I added a drop down menu for multiple orders (up to three).

And as is typical for me, it took longer than expected.  But at least it is in time for the NFL Playoffs. This batch of cards span from 1957 to 1977.  Right in the middle of what I consider the golden age of football cards  If you don't want all 13 cards, you can buy them individually on eBay. My seller's name there is ctnwblog_8.

So, what's in each pack?

The usual 12 Cards That Never Were plus a special insert.

This time the insert card is a 1970 Topps Glossy style Frank Thomas. This card features the White Sox Hall of Famer from his college days.  He was the tight end and teammate of Bo Jackson at Auburn University before he ultimately chose baseball over football.

All cards are professionally printed.

Front and Back.

The backs are formatted in a style consistent with their year.

The front of the cards are high gloss UV coated.

The backs are not.

The backs a full color matte finish.

These are similar in look and feel to the Topps Archives cards. 

Except that mine are made from 18 Pt. card stock.  That makes them thicker, therefore closer in feel to the original cards of that era.

The have all been previously featured on this blog.

The overwhelming majority are from the players' rookie years.

By far the best deal is to buy a pack of all 13 cards from the link on this page.

Due to eBay's cost structure and wanting to mail a quality product complete with penny sleeve and a top loader, individual cards a more expensive. $3.99 plus $0.99 shipping on eBay with discounts of up to 25% on multiple orders.  Additionally shipping can be combined.

Thanks for all the support over the years. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Topps All-Star Misses: 1958 NL Battery

After a long holiday break, I have a few more All Star Cards That Never Were to share.  In 1958, Topps created the first All Star series of cards to appear as part of the regular set. In that set, Topps had Bob Friend as the "Sport Magazine '58 All Star Selection".  Warren Spahn was the left handed "selection".

As it turns out, Spahn was the starting pitcher for the NL in the 1958 ASG and Friend was the first righty to come on in relief.  Solid, picks by Topps, specially seeing how this was a late enough series in the 1958 set and they most likely used the power of hindsight.  

But just for the sake of argument, and to be consistent with my own agenda, here is a couple cards that never were based on the 1957 ASG.  In 1957 Curt Simmons was the starter and Lew Burdette was the first righty to come on in relief.

Here is where Topps takes a turn that only Topps could.  For their "58 All Star Selection" they chose Ed Bailey, who was the starter in the 1957 game.  Del Crandall was the starter in the 1958 ASG.  Crandall was also the Sporting News All Star selection for 1958.