Friday, January 6, 2012

1974 Topps Glenn Beckert Redone

This post started out as a comment on a post on Wrigley Wax. (A fun site with quite a few custom Cub cards.) His blog suggested that Glenn Beckert was slighted by Topps in 1974 because rather than doing a typically terrible airbrush job, they left him in his Cubs uniform but on a San Diego Padres card. 

Personally, I liked the action shot Topps used in 1974 and suggested he should have appeared on a Cubs card and airbrushed into a Padres uniform on a 1974 Traded card. 

I took the original picture from Beckert's 1974 card and made it a Cubs card and took the airbrushed card that was posted on Wrigley Wax and turned it into a Traded card. I took the liberty of making it a Washington  "Nat'l Lea." short print just because I though it would look cool.

Thanks Paul for letting me borrow your image and letting me take your original idea and beat it like a dead horse.


  1. Your Beckert with the Cubs looks much better than the Topps/Padres version. The blue on the uniform and the brown on the Padres card look odd together.
    Nice job!

  2. Thanks again, and I think you really nailed the '70s era airbrushing.