Saturday, November 19, 2016

1966 Philadelphia Johnny Roland

1966 NFL Rookie of the Year*

Johnny Roland was the UPI's pick for Rookie of the Year in 1966. He was an All American defensive back and running back for Missouri. Drafted by the Cardinals n the 4th round, he ran for 695 yards and 5 TDs in 1966. He also returned a punt for a TD and passed for a touchdown in his rookie year.

He played 7 seasons in the St. Louis backfield and was their all-time leading rusher when he left the team after the 1972 season. He played his final season in 1973 for the New York Giants then went onto a successful coaching career. In all He coached for seven different pro teams and for Notre Dame from 1974-2005.  He got his Superbowl ring as a coach for the Chicago Bears in 1985.


  1. Missing your Thursday posts. Really like the full size card renditions of the Topps baseball rookie cards. 1966 Tommie Agee on your other blog is great. So many 1960's rookies that Topps did not put on single cards. Would you create a 1967 Rick Monday on the A's? So many more, but too numerous to list - 1965 Rico Petrocelli Red Sox, 1966 George Scott, etc.

  2. i wasn't sure how to contact you so I'll just leave a request here. There is no 1987 Donruss Dave Concepcion. I have no idea why...