Thursday, November 29, 2018

1964 Alt-Topps Requests

Just a few more for the 1964 Alt-Topps set by request. A couple were Anonymous. Including a reminder to make a Mickey Mantle card similar to those that were somewhat of a starter for this blog.  Most request were again from Buzz (the other anonymous poster). Jeremy requested a checklist which I used in my last post.

Here are the ones for The first anonymous poster:

A young Lou Brock before the infamous trade.

Buzz really likes to throw out a challenge.  First was Joe Adcock, who was traded to the L.A. Angels in late 1963. In 1965 the Angels became the California Angels with new logos on their caps. So it was a small window in which to find a suitable photo.

Next, he wanted Rocky Colavito who was spent just a single season with the A's in 1964. Once again a photo in the proper uniform (that preferably didn't appear on any other cards) was a tough find.

Next was the first Frank Thomas. Thomas was dealt to Philadelphia in late 1964 so this would have to have been a late series card in the Alt-Universe.  He was on the down-slide of his career and was on the Phillies just long enough to make an enemy of 1964 Rookie of the Year, Dick Allen.

The final request from buzz is more historical than baseball related.  He wanted to see a tribute to the recently (in the 1964 Alt-Universe) deceased President. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cards That Never Were - 37th & 38th Series Checklists

My most recent endeavors have been a bit different than those I've done in the past.  Instead of individual cards, I have been imagining entire sets. First was the 1963 Fleer set that was cut short by Topps' lawyers.  I added leaders cards, managers, rookies, team cards all-stars, etc. 

Additionally, I found a whole bunch of rejected Topps card designs. I gave those the same treatment.  Not just adding base cards but extrapolating those designs into entire sets. With the same compliment of subsets (team cards, rookies, all-stars, etc.)
Once I've posted my ideas, I have been filling request to those of you that follow this blog and share my interests (read geekyness). One of those requests was for a checklist.  Specifically one with a player like the 1967-69 Topps checklists.  How could I refuse, those were my favorites. 
I went with Elston Howard for the 1964 Alt-Topps version.  He was just coming off his MVP year in 1963 which also got him his first Gold Glove. And now Yogi Berra had taken the Yankees manager position. Elston didn't disappoint in 1964, He got his first All Star start, another Gold Glove and finished 3rd in MVP voting.

As usual, you can click here for a look at all the cards on these checklists. You can also click on the checklists in the right margin to view all of my cards without any boring words to slow you down.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Even More 1964 Alt-Topps

World Series, Leaders, All- Stars and Topps All-Star Rookie Cards

Just a few more of my favorite subsets, World Series cards, Leaders cards, All Star cards and Topps Rookie All Star cards.

For the World Series card I kept the basic format but reversed the layout.  In the real 1964 set, Topps also highlighted Koufax's 15 strikeouts in Game 1. But I gotta say I like this photo better. 

On the leaders cards, I went a little off script for Topps. Instead of one large horizontal photo with two (or more) smaller photos below, I used one large vertical shot for the leader and smaller photos to the right.
Another un-Topps thing is having a card for Runs Scored Leaders.  Not one of the top stats but I like the top three players, so...
Again for the All Star cards, I reversed the Field.
Instead of a team logo, I used the All Star Game logo from 1963. I also tried to incorporate the logo's colors into the card format.
Since this format reminds me so much of the 1960 Topps All Star Rookies subset, I had to recreate it here.
Oddly in 1964 all but one of the Topps All Star Rookie team had the official trophy on his card. That was Jesse Gonder.  But in the Bizarro Universe, my Alt-Topps has got him covered.
Just as I did in the last batch, I am willing to take a few requests.  I know most people just look at the pictures in these blogs.  But if you actually read this all the way to the bottom of the last post, it's the least I could do.  Just leave your requests in the comment section.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

More 1964 Alt-Topps

Managers, Team Cards and Rookies

What set would be complete without the basic staples? Managers, team cards and rookie cards.

The manager cards in the actual 1964 Topps set were pretty much the same as the base cards.  In my "Bizzaro Universe" set, too. 

For the team cards I kept the basic card design continuity along with the full color team logo.

 In the real 1964 Topps set, the picture for the A's showed a team still in the 1961 uniforms. In the early 60's the A's changes uniforms more than most teams changed underwear. The uniforms shown on this card were introduced in 1964. 
The other strange difference in these cards is the sheer volume of players. The Braves must've taken the picture at the beginning of spring training. The A's looked like they waited until they were down to a 25 man roster.

For the rookie cards I went 3 across and broke it down to position and league. This is something that I don't think Topps ever did. I've seen them break it down by league, team, or position. To my best recollection, I don't remember Topps going in this direction. They only had multiplayer rookie cards since 1962. In 62 they were broken down by position. In 1963 they were simply labeled "Rookie Stars", not broken down by league, team nor position. So it's not too far fetched that this would be the format they could've opted for,

Of course with 20/20 hindsight, I stacked the deck with the Rookies of the Year for 1964, Dick Allen and Tony Oliva.  I also doubled up on rookie Hortons in the AL. In the NL included Don Kessinger and HOFer Tony Perez.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

1964 Alt-Topps

Continuing on with the Topps Mock-ups, This is one of the better looking designs that was rejected by Topps. 

In this version, Topps borrows somewhat from the 1962 Topps Football style and the photo was originally used on the 1963 Ken Hubbs card.  Because of this, I put this at a 1964 vintage.

Here is the 1963 Hubbs card.

And here is my cleaned up version.
I tried to create the base cards using the same color schemes Topps used to represent the teams in 1964. First the 1964 MVPs, Brooks Robinson,
And Ken Boyer. As you can see, the colors Topps used in 1964 really bore little if any resemblance to actual team colors.
Next the Cy Young award winner, Dean Chance. In 1964 there was just one Cy Young awarded so I decided to round out my base cards with a National League pitcher.
 I chose Ken Johnson for two reasons. The first is that he threw a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds in April of 1964 yet managed to lose that game 1-0. Pete Rose scored the only run. He reached second on an error by Johnson himself.  He then scored on another error by Hall of Famer, Nellie Fox. The second reason is I just like the Colt .45s logo.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Willie McCovey

Yesterday we lost another legend. Willie "Stretch" McCovey.  I put together one more 1972 Alt-Topps card in his honor. Additionally, I have included all of the cards I've made of McCovey over the years for this blog.