Thursday, February 23, 2017


I have been taking an extended break from fake card making, but felt the need to make this post. There is yet another person on eBay selling my cards. Not just mine but cards from Dick Allen Hall of Fame, When Topps had Balls, Mets Fantasy Cards, Bob Lemke's Blog, and Johngy's Beat

I know there are plenty more that I recognize that were not designed by this person. And yet he his selling them along with "reprints" of actual cards.

I have never claimed ownership of the cards I made for this blog. I also have never tried to sell them. I did this for my own amusement. The fact that there are a handful of like-minded people who follow the blog and also enjoy these silly cards is awesome.

I just want anybody who has seen one of my cards and wants one for their own personal collection, please go ahead and print one for yourself. I have seen the finished product this guy is selling and it is awful. I can and have made better prints on my cheapo HP printer. If you want slightly better quality paper, go to the dollar store, buy a sheet of posterboard and cut it into 8.5x11 sheets. 


And it should go without saying, don't sell them either. The designs of these cards are based on those owned by the major card companies. The photos were found either on the internet or in old books and magazines. My only claim is that I took the time to cobble them together into a card I wanted to see. 

This latest scammer has over 100 cards from this blog alone for sale. (I stopped counting at 125). He has literally hundreds others for sale too. None of them are his. His name on eBay is mr.0ddball420 .  Leave him a note telling him what you think of him, but don't buy anything from him. 


Ok, thank you for allowing me to rant. Your reward? 

This card I made a few years back but decided it was too stupid to publish. My, how my standards have diminished. Anyway, a week or so late but here is a Valentines Card for you. With Bobby and a handful of lesser known baseball Valentines.