Friday, January 22, 2021

The Hammer


Today marks another passing of a legend.  Sometimes an over-used term, but not in this case.  Hank Aaron was a hero of my youth.  Unlike some other heroes, I never later learned of a dark side.  My opinion was not tainted over the years.  He was as great off the field as on.

I happen to be tinkering with another project, and had he makings of this card ready.  My project is how Topps got their All-Star cards wrong.  We've all noticed how Topps All-Stars didn't match the actual All-Stars or even The Sporting News All-Stars. So I'm working on correcting that.  In 1969, Hank Aaron was named a Sporting News All-Star, and was a starting outfielder in the 1969 All Star Game.  But Topps left him out of the subset.

I wanted to include this actual card here as well.  I started collecting in 1974 and this card contained two if my favorite players.  Great pictures, too.  It is a shame that they both recently passed.  

I've made countless Cards That Never Were of Hank Aaron.  Here are as many as I can remember at this time.  I'm sure that I'm leaving out a few.