Sunday, October 15, 2017

Topps Bunt Cards That Never Were

I'm away on vacation, and got a strange text from my brother.  He told me to check out Topps Bunt today. What I saw was this:

I was totally blown away. I am shocked that anyone at Topps even knew this silly little blog existed. Much less create a digital insert set based on some of work that appeared here. 

They even utilized the same fonts I used for this blog on the backs of the cards:

Many of the cards Bunt created are similar to those in a final card Tribute Project which stemmed from an article I read in Sports Collector's Daily by Rich Klein. Here are a couple examples of Bunt's cards compared to cards I posted here:

To be quite honest, I always thought that if somebody from Topps ever stumbled across this blog, I would get a "cease and desist".  But this is way cooler. Thanks to the Bunt team!  You made an old collector very happy.