Friday, January 13, 2012

1959 Fleer Early Wynn

In 1959 Fleer had an exclusive contract to produce Ted Williams cards. Topps could not make cards featuring the Splendid Splinter and Fleer couldn't make cards of virtually every other active Major Leaguer. Over the next few posts I plan to make Fleer cards that might have been. I'll take Cy Young Award winners and put them on Fleer sports cards that were issued before 1981 when Fleer and Donruss began competing with Topps.

Here is the 1959 Cy Young Award winner as he might have appeared on a 1959 Fleer card if Topps didn't have a virtual monopoly on baseball cards. I used the format of the 1959 Fleer Ted Williams set.

In 1959 Early Wynn won the Cy Young and led the AL in wins for the AL Champs, the Chicago White Sox. He also came in 3rd in MVP voting behind teammates Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio.


  1. Good looking card. The dirty edges give it a feeling of authenticity. Are the player and background from different sources?

  2. That's authentic dirt on the edges of the card. I took a 1959 Fleer Ted Williams card and pasted Early Wynn into it. I've seen that ballpark in the background of several Sox pictures. It certainly isn't old Comiskey so it must be their spring training facility.

  3. After a bit of online research, the ball park is Payne Park in Sarasota. The Sox moved to Sarasota in 1960. Oops.