Monday, August 6, 2012

1990 Topps Mickey Mantle

In 1990, I think Topps hit an all time low. These are arguably the ugliest regular issue cards Topps ever produced. There is no player position, no signature facsimile, no team logos, not even team colors. Still not as bad as some of the Donruss or Bowman cards of this era.  


  1. Couldn't agree more. What's even more pathetic is that this is the year after Upper Deck raised the bar.

  2. Glad the card borders match the Yankee uniforms. Personally, I hate the 1991 Topps cards more and it's sad that Topps decided to branch out that year and produce other baseball sets instead of focusing on making the best possible standard set. Will you make a 1991 Topps Stadium Club Mantle with the regular issue?

  3. i think vonnoosh is on to something. you need to do some inserts and subsets also.

  4. @ Brent- Too true but as Vonnoosh pointed out Topps eventually stepped up in '91 with Stadium Club.

    @ Vonoosh - This card the borders kinda matched but Topps used several different colored borders without regard to team colors. Other Yankee cards had green, purple, orange, whatever.

    @ HH99 - I found several cool shots of Mantle on the internet so I might make a few more once I finish this run.

    1. I remember those borders. Eh, why did they bother to mix them up like that? Worse yet, the quality of the photos they used were awful. At the very least Topps vastly improved the player pictures they used in the '91 set.

      Will your '91 Topps Mantle be a horizontal card? I remember Topps mixing those into that and the '92 sets.