Sunday, August 5, 2012

1979 Topps Ted Sizemore

Ten years after winning the N.L. Rookie of the Year honors, Ted Sizemore took his turn as a Cubs second baseman. From 1965-1973 The Cubs second baseman was 4-time All Star Glenn Beckert. In 1983 10-time All Star Ryne Sandberg moved from 3rd base to 2nd and stayed there until his first retirement in 1994. From 1974-1982 the Cubs had a seemingly endless parade at second base. Manny Trillo would represent the Cubs in the 1977 All Star game.

These second basemen include:


Dave Rosello, Vic Harris,  Billy Grabarkewitz, 


Manny Trillo, Mick Kelleher, Steve Dillard, 


Steve Macko, Mike Tyson, 


Joe Strain, Pat Tabler, Scott Fletcher, 


Bump Wills, and Junior Kennedy.

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