Thursday, August 16, 2012

1963 Topps Jim Piersall

Los Angeles Angels CTNW Favorites #3

The Angels were the third and final team Jimmy Piersall played on in 1963. He started the season in Washington. In May he was traded to the Mets for Gil Hodges, who immediately announced his retirement and took over as Manager. While on the Mets, Piersall hit his 100th career homer. In celebration, he rounded the bases facing backwards. Piersall was known for his antics on the field. In 1964 he went to bat wearing a Beatles Wig in Kansas City. Charlie Finley had just booked the Beatles to play at the stadium the following month. In 1960 Piersall threw the ball at the exploding scoreboard in Comiskey Park. Piersall was ejected in the first half of a double-header. During the second game he was heckled by the fans who also threw objects at him. At the end of the game he hurled the final out at the scoreboard, as the Indians swept the Sox. Although Sox owner Bill Veeck was upset at the time, he forgave Piersall and eventually hired him as Harry Carey's color man for the White Sox.

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