Sunday, August 12, 2012

1961 Topps Ryne Duren

Los Angeles Angels CTNW Favorites #5

Ryne Duren was the first player from the expansion 1961 Angels selected to represent the team in the All Star game. Tragically, he never made an appearance due to the death of his 10 year old son.  Duren has a reputation as a wild pitcher that he enjoyed. When warming up he would often fire one well over the head of the catcher. He once threw at Jimmy Piersall while he was on deck.

Duren began the 1961 season on the Yankees but was dealt to the Angels in May as part of a 5 man trade.  The photo I used on this card was mistakenly used by Topps on a 1963 card of Eli Grba. 

 Grba was the first player picked by the Angels in the 1960 expansion draft.


  1. I proudly wear my Cooperstown Colle ction version of the LA Angels hat.

  2. Very cool. I'd like to post some of your cards on my baseball blog and facebook page, and want your permission to do so, and your name, or nickname, to give a credit. Contact me at, please? Thank you, Michael Jawitz, AKA: Grubby Glove.

  3. HB- Gotta love the halo hat.

    GG - Feel free to use them any way you like, no credit needed. Thanks.