Saturday, January 22, 2022

Another Pack - Another Contest: Part 4

 This time I'm doing it a bit differently.  Due to the crazy amount of spam comments lately, I've had to moderate my comments and only allow non spam through.  Additionally, I am making this a Twitter-Only contest.  If you click on the image below of my contest tweet, it will take you right to the tweet.

Once on Twitter, simply "Like" and "Retweet". You are entered. I will draw 1 random winner of the entire pack and 5 winners of the Frank Thomas insert seen below:

I'm sorry I couldn't run a parallel contest on this blog, but there is a genuine problem with spam here.

Again, I thank the regular followers of this blog.


  1. Oh well...not on twitter and don't want to be. Guess I miss out on the contest. Great looking set nonetheless.

  2. Same here. Not on twitter and don't want to be. Will also miss out on the contest, but thoroughly enjoy your blog and will continue to read.

  3. Apologies guys. But Blogger needs to do something about the amount of spam comments there are. Seems like lately they are about 5 to 1, spam to legit comments.