Thursday, August 5, 2021

Series 3 Packs On Sale Now - SOLD OUT

 Here is the third pack of physical cards from this blog.  As usual, I am selling these through this site for $10.99 per pack plus $4.50 shipping. Please use the link:


Due to several requests, I added a drop down menu for multiple orders (up to three).

I was hoping to have these done by the end of July, but I'm about a week late. This is a pretty random group of cards spanning from 1957 to 1983.  If you don't want all 13 cards, you can buy them individually on eBay. My seller's name there is ctnwblog_8.

So, what's in each pack?

12 Cards That Never Were plus a special insert.

This time the insert card is a 1969 Jim Bouton Deckle.

All cards are professionally printed.

Front and Back.

The backs are formatted in a style consistent with their year.

The front of the cards are high gloss UV coated.

The backs are not.

The backs a full color matte finish.

These are similar in look and feel to the Topps Archives cards.

The have all been previously featured on this blog.

I'm running out of things to say.

They're high quality 18 Pt. card stock.

By far the best deal is to buy a pack of all 13 cards from the link on this page.

Due to eBay's cost structure and wanting to mail a quality product complete with penny sleeve and a top loader, individual cards a more expensive. $3.99 including shipping on eBay.

Thanks for all the support over the years.  My next post will be another give-away.


  1. Very appropriate to have a JR Richard in there. RIP.

    1. Just a sad coincidence really. These have been in the works for weeks. The printing alone is approximately a 10 day process.