Saturday, August 7, 2021

Another Pack, Another Give-Away


Series 3 is ready to go. Another 12 Cards That Never Were that were previously posted on this blog.  Additionally, there is a 1969 Topps Deckle style insert.  This time it features a 1969 expansion team, the Seattle Pilots and one of their best known players, Jim Bouton.

Now for the give away.  Just post a comment down below and next week (August 11th) I'll randomly pick 5 people to send my version of a 1962 Topps Buck O'Neil card.

Buck is well known as a Negro League legend and the star of Ken Burns' "Baseball".  But he also became the first black MLB coach in 1962.  So this is what his card would've looked like had Topps given him one back in '62.  This is one of the 13 cards that will be included in the 3rd series packs.  

If you want to buy a Series 3 Pack, the PayPal link is below.  If you happen to buy a pack and are chosen as one of the give-away winners, I will let you substitute one one of my earlier give away cards in case you don't want 2 of the same card.  (Earlier give-aways were 1982 Fleer Sandberg/Boggs Rookie card, 1968 Topps left-handed Bob Gibson or 1968 Topps left-handed Tom Seaver).


As usual, the packs are $10.00 plus $4.50 s/h.  I also will have individual cards from Series 3, along with some from Series 2  and even a few from Series 1 available on eBay.  My seller name is "ctnwblog_8".

Just leave a comment below to be entered to win this card. 5 winners will be chosen at random August 14, 2021.


  1. Great work. As always, cards that fit right in with the original Topps and Fleer issued cards.

  2. Getting this pack on the All Star Game card alone. Awesome looking cards, very well done!! 😎

  3. I just received the 1977 Topps Don Sutton horizontal and the looks is amazing. There were no horizontal player cards for this year - a big mistake by Topps. Just amazing. I actually interviewed Buck O'Neil years ago. An amazing man and ballplayer.

    1. That is SO COOL! Buck O'Neill loved to talk it seems. I had this crazy idea of writing a book about Dan Thomas of the Brewers (VERY tragic story) but after I thought it out...decided...WHY? Our "generation" of baseball love seems to be disappearing as the younger people are buying into total BS.

  4. Can't get enough, love your work! Maybe dedicate some work to chief wahoo?