Monday, June 7, 2021

Topps All-Star Misses: 1970 NL Outfield

 Getting back to the 1970 set, this time focusing on the NL Outfield.  Topps was close, in that 2 of their 3 were actually 1969 All-Star starters (Alou and Aaron).  But only one was named to the 1970 Sporting News All-Star roster (Aaron). That leaves me with 3 players who could have been included in this set.

Cleon Jones:

  • 1969 starting All Star left fielder.
  • Named to the 1969 Sporting News All Star roster.
  • 7th place in MVP voting 1969

Bobby Tolan:

  • Named to the 1970 Sporting News All Star roster.
  • 16th place in MVP voting 1970
  • Led the NL in Stolen Bases 1970.

Billy Williams:
  • Named to the 1970 Sporting News All Star roster.
  • 2nd place in MVP voting 1970
  • Led the NL in Hits, Runs and Total Bases 1970.

Who probably didn't merit inclusion in the 1970 Topps All-Star set, but was in it anyway?

Pete Rose:
Rose was an All Star reserve in both 1969 and 1970.  Who can forget the role he played in the 1970 game? Not Ray Fosse, that's for sure. He also wasn't selected to the Sporting News All Star team either year.  Nobody can argue Rose's stardom. In fact he tied for the NL lead with Billy Williams in 1970 and had a Gold Glove in both 1969 and 1970. But still, probably didn't belong in this subset.


 My latest project is making All Star Cards That Never Year for the years 1958-62 and 1968-70.  During those years Topps decision making on these cards was haphazard and a mystery to everybody but Topps. They were NOT based on the current season's "Sporting News All Stars" nor the previous season's ASG starters.  So I've made additional cards based on this criteria.   

What started as an idea for a small project, ballooned to over 150 cards so I'll be posting these in small doses.  I'll be breaking it down by year, league (NL or AL), and positions (battery, infield and outfield).


  1. Never cared for the bursting open newspaper design, because it carries no distinguishing characteristics of the Topps design for that particular year and no year is displayed on the card front. The 61 TSN all-star cars look like the 70 TSN all-star cards. Having said that. The updated cards you produced here are excellent, because they fit so well into the original set. Tolan is a surprise here to me, although he did have good years in 69 & 70.

    1. For 19 years, (1956-1974) the stolen base leader was either Mays, Wills or Brock every year except for Tolan in 1970.

  2. Looooove the Cleon Jones. He was a favorite of my youth.