Saturday, June 12, 2021

Topps All-Star Misses: 1968 NL Infield

 After a relatively small group of potential All Star Cards That Never Were in my last post, this group is loaded. Here are the candidates:

Willie McCovey:

  • 1968 Sporting News All Star selection
  • Starter in 1968 All Star Game
  • 1968 NL leader in HRs, RBIs, and slugging.
  • 3rd in 1968 MVP voting

Bill Mazeroski:

  • Starter in 1967 All Star Game
  • Gold Glove second baseman 1967
  • 1967 Sporting News All Star Selection

Tommy Helms:

  • 1968 Sporting News All Star Selection
  • Reserve in 1967 & 68 All Star Games
  • 25th in 1968 MVP voting

Dick Allen:

  • Starter in 1967 All Star Game
  • 19th in 1967 MVP voting
  • 2nd in NL Home Runs 1968

Don Kessinger:

  • 1968 Sporting News All Star selection
  • Starter in 1968 All Star Game
  • Led NL shortstops in Fielding %, Assists and Double Plays in 1968.

Topps' 1968 NL All Star infield included mostly legit players.  At first was Orlando Cepeda, the 1967 ASG starting first baseman. Similarly, Gene Alley was the starting shortstop in the 1967 ASG.  Ron Santo was The Sporting News All-Star selection for third base in 1968.  But, as usual, there are some that just don't add up.

Who probably didn't merit inclusion in the 1968 Topps All-Star set, but was in it anyway?

Joe Morgan:

Morgan was not on the MLB All Star Roster nor the Sporting News All Star Roster in 1967 or 1968.  Although he had (at then) a career high of 29 stolen bases in 1967, he was injured most of the 1968 season. playing only 10 games.


 My latest project is making All Star Cards That Never Year for the years 1958-62 and 1968-70.  During those years Topps decision making on these cards was haphazard and a mystery to everybody but Topps. They were NOT based on the current season's "Sporting News All Stars" nor the previous season's ASG starters.  So I've made additional cards based on this criteria.   

What started as an idea for a small project, ballooned to over 150 cards so I'll be posting these in small doses.  I'll be breaking it down by year, league (NL or AL), and positions (battery, infield and outfield).


  1. Your project is progressing nicely. All of these look great. Topps might have been thinking Mazeroski was slowing down and Morgan was the up and coming All-Star. Morgan was selected as the starting 2nd baseman in 1966, but didn't start due to injury.

  2. Could explain why he was picked over Maz, but not Helms. Who, by the way, he was ultimately traded for.