Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Topps All-Star Misses: 1959 NL Outfield

 In 1959 Topps got it nearly right in the NL outfield. They had Aaron and Mays who were not only the starters from the 1958 All Star Game, but also selected to The Sporting News All Star roster. In 1959 The Sporting News All Stars weren't separated AL and NL and the 3rd outfielder was the great Ted Williams. But the 1958 ASG starting left fielder Bob Skinner was left out.

Which begs the question why Covington? Topps included Wes Covington in their All Star Subset although he never made an All Star team in his career. He also was never named to The Sporting News All Star team.  He had a career year in 1958 with personal bests in batting average, homeruns and RBIs, but only his HR total broke the top ten in the NL.  He even was 16th in NL MVP voting, coincidentally just one behind Bob Skinner.  Another Topps mystery.

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  1. Nice update. I wonder why Topps didn't at least pick Frank Robinson for their 1959 TSN outfield instead of Covington. Clemente is flying under the radar during this time period.