Thursday, September 3, 2020

Tom Terrific


Ok, it's official. 2020 sucks.  Yesterday the baseball world lost a legend.  Tom Seaver was the ultimate opening day starter. He started in 16 opening days on the Mets, Reds and White Sox.

Since this is Cards That Never Were, I figured I'd post the greatest Tom Seaver Card That Never Was on the top of this post.  This wasn't made by me, it was a card that actually made it onto the 1968 Topps proof sheet before someone at Topps caught the sophomore pitcher's prank.  He was posing as a lefty, and he wasn't the only one.  Bob Gibson pulled the same prank on the same proof sheet.  If you look closely at the proof sheet, Seaver is second from the left in second row.  Gibson is fourth row, five from right.

Of course, I've made my share of Tom Seaver cards, too.  I even attempted to replicate his 1968 prank in my 1968 Alt-Topps series. I used a little photo manipulation to make the righty a lefty.
Here are the rest of my Tom Seaver Cards That Never Were in no particular order:

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