Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Gale Sayers


2020 can't end soon enough for me. Seems like bad news everyday.  Today a personal hero and Bears great , Gale Sayers passed away.  Looks like I'll be re-watching "Brian's Song" tonight.  One of the few movies that it is acceptable to see a grown-ass man cry.

His career was cut short by injuries, and he was pretty well represented on cardboard due to his super-stardom.  He even had a 1972 card despite retiring that September.  So I had to settle for this odd ball 1971 Kelloggs 3D Card That Never Was.  

I had made one other card of the Kansas Comet. That was his Rookie of the Year card from the 1965 Philadelphia set:


For those of you that caught it, I removed my previous post from today and posted this instead.  I will repost the requests from the 1973 Alt Topps set in a few days.

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