Monday, February 10, 2020

Cards That Never Were - 43rd & 44th Series Checklists

Still playing catch-up with the checklists.  The 43rd series contained mostly 1979 Alt-Topps cards. I included a shot of Rusty Staub AKA "le Grande Orange". He actually passed away in 2018, but a card commemorating his passing was requested in the comments.  In 1979 he began the season with Detroit.  In July of 1979 he was sent North of the border for cash considerations and a player to be named later (Randall Schafer). He played until 1985 with the Expos, Rangers and Mets.

The baseball community lost Mel Stottlemyre in January 2019. He is included on this 1971 Alt-Topps checklist. He played 11 years in the Majors, all with the Yankees. He was a five-time all-star.  The 44th series consisted of 24 cards from the 1971 Alt-Topps set and one Alt-Topps football card. It was a 1968 Alt-Topps design of Bart Starr.

 As usual, you can click here to see all the cards included in these series.  You can also click on any of the checklists in the margin.  This is great for looking at all my cards without all those annoying words slowing you down.


  1. Another great collection of nicely designed cards.

  2. Good thinking to doubly purpose these checklist cards as tributes to major players who have gone on to "the big diamond"! Thanks again "Buzz" (Bryant)

    1. I've actually been incorporating tributes into the checklist cards for nearly 5 years. My first was Minnie Minoso in 2015. Funny story: When I went back to look how long I've been doing this, I realized that I had already done a checklist/tribute with Rusty Staub. Checklist 36.