Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cards That Never Were - 45th & 46th Series Checklists

More Checklists!!!  How exciting!!

The 45th Series began with some 1968 Alt Topps Football cards just to mix things up. The bulk of the series was from the 1965 Alt-Topps set.  This was one of my favorites because it focused more on the photos with a small(ish) design.  I tried to stay true to the design with the checklists.  I used full-sized photos.  I tried to fade them out into the background and put the actual checklist right on top.

This design didn't work as well as I had hoped.  Although it is hard to make out the players' identities, they are both pitchers that passed away in 2019.  Bob Friend was a work-horse for the Pirates in the '50s and '60s.  By 1965 he was running out of gas. After the season he was dealt to the Yankees. In June of 1966 he was sold to the Mets.  That made him the first player to play for both the Yankees and Mets in the same season. (Granted the Mets were only 4 years old in 1966).

The 46th series had several more  1965 Alt-Topps cards.  I also had the All-Star Honorary Captains from 1987-89 and tribute cards to Jim Bouton and Tyler Skaggs.  

The card itself is a tribute to Ernie Broglio who passed away in July of 2019.  In 1965 he was pitching for the Cubs.  He will always be remembered as the wrong side of one of the most lopsided trades in MLB history.

As usual, you can click here to see all the cards included in these series.  You can also click on any of the checklists in the margin.  This is great for looking at all my cards without all those annoying words slowing you down.


  1. It's exciting to see you posting. Didn't realize you were that far behind on checklists.

  2. Don't be too tough on yourself! At least I could make out Broglio what with his rather prominent eyebrows. Good to get a tribute for hard working Bob Friend - all those years of toil at Forbes Field. His career record (and accordingly memories of him) would be better had he played for a perennial contender. the only visual clue that it is him is the rather "bulky" presence. ("Buzz" Bryant)