Monday, November 12, 2018

Even More 1964 Alt-Topps

World Series, Leaders, All- Stars and Topps All-Star Rookie Cards

Just a few more of my favorite subsets, World Series cards, Leaders cards, All Star cards and Topps Rookie All Star cards.

For the World Series card I kept the basic format but reversed the layout.  In the real 1964 set, Topps also highlighted Koufax's 15 strikeouts in Game 1. But I gotta say I like this photo better. 

On the leaders cards, I went a little off script for Topps. Instead of one large horizontal photo with two (or more) smaller photos below, I used one large vertical shot for the leader and smaller photos to the right.
Another un-Topps thing is having a card for Runs Scored Leaders.  Not one of the top stats but I like the top three players, so...
Again for the All Star cards, I reversed the Field.
Instead of a team logo, I used the All Star Game logo from 1963. I also tried to incorporate the logo's colors into the card format.
Since this format reminds me so much of the 1960 Topps All Star Rookies subset, I had to recreate it here.
Oddly in 1964 all but one of the Topps All Star Rookie team had the official trophy on his card. That was Jesse Gonder.  But in the Bizarro Universe, my Alt-Topps has got him covered.
Just as I did in the last batch, I am willing to take a few requests.  I know most people just look at the pictures in these blogs.  But if you actually read this all the way to the bottom of the last post, it's the least I could do.  Just leave your requests in the comment section.


  1. More great work from you Mr. Hogan! I never knew until now (54 years late!) that Jesse Gonder had got the nod. Once again you have appealed to your fellow BBC "nerds" for selections for a future roster. I'm only to happy to oblige. Above all I'd like to see a 1964 appropriate Rocky Colavito. I'm confident you'll do a great job. Another idea is Joe(the Coushatta Crusher)Adcock, who unaccountably disappears from cardboard during this year even though he was still blasting away on the diamond. thanks "Buzz".

  2. I kind of wonder what a checklist would look like. Maybe with a player on it?

  3. Whatever happened to your Mickey Mantle card for every year? Can you make one for your 1964 and 1972 if I'm not too late?

    Also would love to see another Lou Brock still wearing Cubbie blue.

  4. I don't know about putting that 1963 All-Star logo on the AS cards. At first glance, it makes it look like everyone is a member of the Cleveland Indians.

    1. Yeah. It seemed like a good idea when I was making it. But now that I look at it, you're right. I should've gone another way.