Thursday, November 29, 2018

1964 Alt-Topps Requests

Just a few more for the 1964 Alt-Topps set by request. A couple were Anonymous. Including a reminder to make a Mickey Mantle card similar to those that were somewhat of a starter for this blog.  Most request were again from Buzz (the other anonymous poster). Jeremy requested a checklist which I used in my last post.

Here are the ones for The first anonymous poster:

A young Lou Brock before the infamous trade.

Buzz really likes to throw out a challenge.  First was Joe Adcock, who was traded to the L.A. Angels in late 1963. In 1965 the Angels became the California Angels with new logos on their caps. So it was a small window in which to find a suitable photo.

Next, he wanted Rocky Colavito who was spent just a single season with the A's in 1964. Once again a photo in the proper uniform (that preferably didn't appear on any other cards) was a tough find.

Next was the first Frank Thomas. Thomas was dealt to Philadelphia in late 1964 so this would have to have been a late series card in the Alt-Universe.  He was on the down-slide of his career and was on the Phillies just long enough to make an enemy of 1964 Rookie of the Year, Dick Allen.

The final request from buzz is more historical than baseball related.  He wanted to see a tribute to the recently (in the 1964 Alt-Universe) deceased President. 


  1. Another fabulous job by CTNW!!! This cornucopia is truly something to be THANKFUL for!! You made 11/29 feel like 11/22. I find it fascinating that you first elected to explore the possibilities offered by 1972 and then 1964. for many, (my generation) those two years can be perceived as "bookends for a time of great turbulence. In fact today's "under 50 crowd" probably can't remember that the force of the great upheaval was such that by the midpoint of the era even baseball (for many) became a mere footnote. With your creations you have taken us back to those times. This site is a precious resource as you have helped to reconstruct the past. Anyway, back to B.B. I really like the design of these cards. I particularly enjoyed seeing the original L.A. Angels logo (along with all the others) on the cards. thanks Mr. Hogan! Sincerely, "Buzz" Bryant.

  2. Great cards. Thanks for the link to the Dick Allen story. Would you consider making 1965 full size cards for Rico Petrocelli, Glen Beckert, Ken Berry, Jose Cardenal and Paul Schaal? As rookies, they were on those multi-player cards which I despise.