Friday, October 26, 2018

Cards That Never Were - 35th & 36th Series Checklists

Oscar Gamble and Rusty Staub

Just doing a bit of house-keeping here at CTNW.  The cards on these checklists date all the way back to July of 2016.  

I made the checklists in the 1983 design and included 2 of the greats that we lost earlier this year, Oscar Gamble and Rusty Staub.  Checklist 35 is populated with several cards from my other long neglected blog, Rating The Rookies.  It also contains many NFL/AFL Rookies of the Year and "Throwback Thursday" cards.

Checklist 36 is dominated by the 2016 post season cards I made. I took Hall of Famers that played for the 2016 post season teams. The twist was they were better known for wearing other teams' uniforms and I put them on cards from the year they were inducted into the Hall. I have to say, it made for some unusual looking cards. Also in that series were more Football ROY's and the missing manager cards from 1974.

If you wish to check out all the cards on these checklists without all these boring words getting in the way, click here.  Or, as always you can click on this (or any other) checklist in the right margin.  It will direct you straight to the page that contains all of these cards.

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