Monday, October 8, 2018

More 1972 Alt-Topps

Managers, Rookies and Team Cards

Running with this same concept, I made these manager cards of two Hall of Famers who were  gone before the start of the 1973 season. Ted Williams was the Manager of the Year for the Senators in 1969. In 1972 the Senators moved to Texas and lost 100 games. It was Williams final year.  Meanwhile, Durocher was falling out of favor in Chicago.

I included the coaches on these cards like Topps would do in 1973 and 74 but it seemed a shame to reduce them to black and white on such a colorful set. You might notice that both 1959 MVPs are included in the coaches. Nellie Fox coached under Williams for the Senators and the Rangers. Ernie Banks was a coach for the Cubs the first few years after his retirement.

And of course, made the necessary rookie cards featuring what would be the 1972 Rookies of the Year.

And love 'em or hate 'em, here are the team cards.


  1. These are nice. I would love to see a complete set.

  2. Good looking cards. Really glad to see you back. True, there are several venues that use this theme, but your posts are usually the most interesting. If once a month is the most you are able to do, we will take it.

  3. Did my other comment take? Hope you got it. Who am I? Just some marginal library habitue who doesn't even have e-mail...(to say nothing of any other 21st Century devices). Anyway I thought of 2 other solid candidates for your "ghost-alt"set. How about Joe Pepitone and one other "character". for balance I came up with one pitcher in my list - Sam McDowell. Upon further review though, I thought of one other guy that is even more emblematic of the era; after all (as the saying went) "there's never been ...McLain"!!! Buzz Bryant (p.s. my other main requests were Norm Cash, Graig Nettles & Boog Powell). p.s.s. If you do this I hope that wherever "Pepi" and Denny have internet access so thay they can see your handiwork!

  4. I also must say great to see you back, my friend.