Saturday, June 30, 2012

1989 Topps Mickey Mantle

1989 was another bland effort by Topps. I'm all for a clean and classic design, but this could have used a little help. Maybe using the actual team logo instead of  a standard font for all teams. Plus there is no position or even a facsimile autograph. Action shots were also few and far between. They did, however, manage to squeeze their logo in. With so many card sets issued in 1989, Topps got lost in the crowd.

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  1. Upper Deck definitely stole the show in '89. I've heard people blast that company for wrecking the card industry but I think Upper Deck raised the bar for the other card companies to try and reach. Looking back, all of the sets from this era ('88-'91) looked awful. The Fleer cards were average, Donruss were atrocious and God love you if you can manage to make a '90 or '91 Topps Mantle card look good.