Friday, June 8, 2012

1988 Topps Mickey Mantle

The 2012 Archives cards are out and I thought for sure that Topps would take the opportunity to create a Mantle card from 1971, 1980 or 1984. When I started this, there were exactly 25 Topps series with out a Mickey Mantle card. 1971-1995. Since then Topps created a 1975 Mini for last year's Lineage set and a 1987 Mini for this year's base set. The Archives set presented an opportunity to reduce the number to an even 20.  Instead they created another 1954 Mickey Mantle card. Go figure.

Can somebody please explain why Topps felt the need to change the team logo? This just looks wrong.


  1. I agree, the 54's in this years archives look bad.

    Topps may be king, but they make allot of crappy desicions.

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  3. I thought Topps ruined the logo of just the Yankees but they did that with all of the team logos. The 2012 Topps '87 minis look awful.

    I wish Topps were half as interested in making a '67 Topps Koufax (he retired but he's still featured on the leader cards) as they are with making '54 Topps and several hundred '55 Topps Mantle cards.

  4. 67 Koufax, 77 Aaron, 76 Gibson, 80 Brock and Munson. You could go on and on.

    Bob Lemke has a 67 Koufax available. Contact him on his blog.