Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1964 Topps Tony LaRussa Al Lopez

Kansas City Athletics CTNW Favorites #5

Picking the top 5 Athletics from the KC era is a tough task. During the 13 years the A's spent in Kansas City, they finished last 6 times, second to last 5 times and never finished better than 7th. They have never had a Cy Young award winner, Rookie of the Year or MVP. The one thing they seemed to have no shortage of is Hall of Fame players turned Coach and/or Manager. They also had several players who went on to become great managers. Not only did they have a young Tony LaRussa but also Billy Martin, Whitey Herzog, Tommy Lasorda, and Dick Williams all played for the Kansas City A's.


  1. ...and the Lachemann brothers. Oh, you meant GREAT managers.

  2. When is Reggie getting hired to manage the Yankees?