Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1949 Leaf Johnny Sain

Boston Braves CTNW Favorites #2

"Spahn and Sain and pray for rain".  We've all heard the saying. I didn't know that it was just paraphrasing a poem that first appeared in the Boston Post in 1948.

First we'll use Spahn 
Then we'll use Sain
Then an off day
followed by rain
Back will come Spahn
followed by Sain
And followed
we hope
by two days of rain.

During a stretch of 10 games, Spahn and Sain each won 4 times. More amazing is that they pitched complete games in every start. In fact they pitched in 2 double headers in a row, September 5th and the 11th.  Separated, I assume by rain.

While the two were teammates, Spahn was more consistent, but Sain was considered the staff ace. From 1946-1951 Sain was the opening day starter 4 times, Spahn once and Vern Bickford once. In 1948 the Braves won the NL Pennant but lost to the Indians in the World Series. Sain was runner-up to Stan Musial in MVP voting with 24 wins and 28 complete games.

I had originally planned to make bookend 1949 Leaf cards of  Spahn & Sain. Once I realized Spahn already had a 1949 Leaf card I had make a different card for Warren Spahn. It's too bad because I kinda like the way these turned out.

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