Sunday, May 27, 2012

T202 Larry Chappell and Eddie Grant

It's Memorial Day weekend so this is my little tribute to fallen ballplayers. Five Major League Baseball players died while in service during World War I. Of the five only 2 played any significant amount of time. Larry Chappell and Eddie Grant. 

  • Larry Chappell Played 5 years in the Majors. He was played sparingly  and put up meager numbers for the White Sox, Indians and  Braves. He was part of the trade that brought "Shoeless" Joe Jackson to the White Sox.
  • Eddie Grant spent 10 years in the bigs. He played for the Cleveland Naps, the Phillies, Reds and the New York Giants. 

  • Bun Troy pitched one game for the Tigers in 1915. 
  • Alex Burr was a pitcher for the Yankees but made only one appearance as a centerfielder in 1914. He had no fielding chances nor any at bats. 
  • "Bally" Sharman played 13 games for the 1917 Philadelphia Athletics.

For the baseball card purists out there (first of all, why are you wasting your time on this silly blog?) I know I took a few liberties with this creation. The T202 came out in 1912, Chappell made his debut in 1913. Also to the best of my knowledge American Leaguers and National Leaguers didn't appear on the same card. And the design I used for the Chappell side was actually from the Upper Deck version of the T202. The "action" photo in the middle is Larry Chappell and Walt Kuhn who also played for the White Sox in 1913.

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