Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1975 Topps 1956 Rookies of the Year

Now that the post-season is over I can return to some of my recurring themes. Here is the 1956 edition giving the Rookies of the Year the same treatment Topps gave the MVPs in 1975. 

1956 is the first year that both Rookies of the Year went on to Hall of Fame careers. While Luis Aparicio had a card in the 1956 Topps set, Frank Robinson first appeared on a Topps card in 1957. 

 The Robinson card I included here was produced by Topps and given away in VIP packages at the 2006 National Sports Card convention.  I actually have one problem with this card. In 1956 the team was officially called the Redlegs. This was the height of the McCarthy era and the Reds changed names rather than be confused with communists. As ridiculous as it was to change the name, it seems disingenuous to ignore the name change on a reissue. A few days ago I include Bob Lemke's version of  Robinson' "rookie" card. His properly identified the team as Redlegs. Check it out.


  1. do you sell any of your creations ?

  2. do you sell any of your creations ?

  3. Yes. Check eBay for CTNWBLOG_8. Also look at the upper right corner of this blog. (Desktop version).