Friday, November 4, 2011

1976 Topps Frank Robinson

After winning the Rookie of the Year award in 1956 Robinson continued to play until 1976. Robinson appeared on the 1976 Topps Indians team card in the lower right corner as the manager but he did not have a regular player card even though he appeared in 49 games in 1975 and 36 in 1976. The Hall of Famer continued to appear in various sets as a manger until 2006.


  1. I would like to use the 1976 Topps Frank Robinson Card That Never Was in my baseball blog, Grubby Glove. I am asking for your permission, and would like to know how you would like me to word my credit to you. I think your name is John,but am not 100% certain. Thank you, Michael Jawitz, AKA: Grubby Glove.

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    2. No worries. And you can reference the blog if you like, but that is entirely up to you.