Thursday, September 23, 2021

Topps All-Star Misses: 1962 AL Battery

Again with two mid season classics, there were several players that could have qualified for a Topps All Star card in 1962.  As a reminder, my criteria is that the player be a starter in the previous season's MLB All Star Game (In the case of pitchers the first righty and first lefty to appear in the game), or they be named to the current (in this case, 1962) Sporting News All Star roster. That is different than Topps criteria, which is, pretty much, a mystery. 

In 1962 Topps had All Star cards of Whitey Ford (LHP) who started the 1st All Star game in 1961. They also had a card of Frank Lary who was the first RHP to appear in relief in game one. At catcher they had Elston Howard who had a great year in 1961 and was named to the the 1961 Sporting News All Star roster.  However he started in neither 1961 ASGs nor was he a 1962 TSN All Star.

Here are 5 players who could've had cards in 1962:

Jim Bunning:

Bunning was the starter of the second All Star Game in 1961, he also pitched 2 innings in relief in the first 1961 ASG. He then went on to start the first ASG in 1962.  He was listed as reserve in game two but never left the bullpen.  

Dick Donovan and Ralph Terry were both named to the 1962 Sporting news All Star roster. Terry had a 23 win season in 1962 and was rostered for both '62 ASGs but never saw action. Donovan was similarly a reserve in both 1962 ASGs but unlike Terry, he pitched 2 innings in the first game of 1962. It mirrored his 1961 experience of being reserve for both games and pitching 2 innings of the first game.

Although Topps had Elston Howard on their 1962 All Star card, the actual 1962 Sporting News All Star selection at catcher was Earl Battey.  The starting catcher for both 1961 MLB All Star games was Johnny Romano.

Normally this is where I'd point out who didn't merit an All Star card.  I would lean toward Howard but seeing as though he was the Sporting News pick in 1961, I'll give Topps a pass.

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  1. These 62 cards are some of the best of your all-star creations. Your criteria seems to meet all the possible scenarios. Do I dare say you are "covering all the bases".