Saturday, July 31, 2021

Topps All-Star Misses: 1962 NL Infield

 While the Topps 1962 "Sporting News National League All-Star" infield didn't quite match the 1961 MLB All Stars, it was very similar to the actual "Sporting News" All Star selections with one glaring omission.  TSN had Cepeda at 1st, Mazeroski at 2nd, Ken Boyer at 3rd and Maury Wills at short.  Topps had Cepeda, Maz, Boyer and Roy McMillan?? McMillan was last selected to the All Star team in 1957 when Reds fans stuffed the ballot boxes.  The four below represent the actual NL infield in both 1961 ASGs.  Around the horn we have Bill White at 1st, Frank Bolling at 2nd, Wills at short and Eddie Mathews at 3rd.

Who probably didn't merit inclusion in the 1962 Topps All-Star set, but was in it anyway?
Roy McMillan:

McMillan was undoubtably included due to Topps not having Wills under contract. And I suspect it was a big reason for the gap from 1963-1967 when Topps had no All Star cards at all.


  1. Outstanding! I like these cards! i never understood the McMillan All-Star card. Evan more confusing was the fact that he didn't have a regular issue card in 62. Just the All-Star card and a combo card with Frank Bolling. If they couldn't pick Wills because of the contract issue, they could have picked Dick Groat, 1960 MVP and All-Star starter in 62, 63 & 64. The ruuner-up in the MLB voting to Wills in 61 was Eddie Kasko of the Reds. Ernie Banks was moving to first base. I never thought about the absence of the All-Star cards from 63-67 being due to Wills unavailability. Makes sense. Sure wish they had issued them in 63-67 even without Wills. Of course, you took care of that.


    1. I honestly never noticed that he didn't have a base card in 1962. Very strange that he would have an All Star card and a multi player card but no base card.

    2. Interesting. Didn't notice the omission of Frank Lary. He did go from 23 wins in 1961 to 2 wins in 1962, but he still deserved a base card.

    3. Crazy. He not only had an All Star card, but was on a leader card (Wins), the '62 Topps Stamp insert and the '62 Topps bucks insert. But no base card? Wow. I wonder how many more?

  2. Just to confirm, there are no more players with 62 All-Star cards that do not have base cards. Dick Bertell, the primary catcher for the Cubs, had a base card in the 61 set and a Stamp insert in the 62 set, but no base card, not even a head shot on one of those rookie multiplayer cards (I hate them). Bobby Wine,the primary shortstop for the Phillies and Don Lock, an outfielder for the Senators with substantial playing time, did not have base cards, even missing the Rookie multiplayer cards, but since they were rookies, we probably shouldn't count them as misses, at least in this discussion. I am not as familiar with pitchers, so maybe bobrzik can comment, since he caught the Frank Lary card. Great discussion!

  3. I wasn't the one who originally "caught" the Frank Lary omission. I remembered an article from Sports Collectors Digest (I think) back in the 80's titled "Topps MIA" about players who were missing from Topps sets through the years. I remembered them mentioning that Frank Lary had an All Star card in 1962 but no base card.