Thursday, April 23, 2020

MLB Dream Bracket Alt-Topps Cards Part 5

Indians v Negro League Legends

Spoiler alert:

The biggest disappointment in the Dream Bracket so far (besides the non-existent graphics) was the early exit of the Negro League Stars.  In an apparent lack of pitching on either side, the Tribe outscored the Negro League 52-36 in a series that went all seven games. You can read the recap here or see the video here

I was disappointed because I wanted  them to go deep into the bracket. I wanted to see how the Negro League Legends stacked up against other teams as well. Maybe a round-robin type of series would have been better for this. Anyway, This whole thing could have been improved by better graphics like MLB The Show and/or a different form of bracket that wouldn't be a one and done situation.  

Just my thoughts on this imaginary series of games. Now lets get to the imaginary cards!

For the  Indians we have Bob Feller, Nap Lajoie, Lou Boudreau and Larry Doby.

For the Negro League Legends I could not just do 4 cards.  I decided to make four pitcher cards, the full line-up of position players including the DH and three of the reserves.  On a side note, I know that I am missing perhaps the most famous Negro League pitcher, but there are so many cards of Satchel Paige compared to his contemporaries. Also I decided to go with black and white photos rather than an amateurish attempt at colorization. Plus with 16 cards that's a ton of work. 

Here are the four pitchers: Bill Foster, Hilton Smith, Leon Day and Smokey Joe Williams.

Here are the position players: Josh Gibson C, Buck Leonard 1B, Newt Allen 2B, Ray Dandridge 3B, Pop Lloyd SS, Turkey Stearnes LF, Oscar Charlseton CF and Cool Papa Bell RF.

The designated hitter is Mule Suttles. On the bench is Martin Dihigo, Monte Irvin and Biz Mackey.

  It also goes without say that this is the All-Time great nickname team.  Mule, Turkey, Biz, Buck, Pop, Smokey and of course Cool Papa.


These cards are base on the MLB Dream Bracket.  Not sure who picked the "all-time players". It is a product of Twitch, Out of the Park and Draft Kings.  I take no responsibility for their choices, good or bad.  The cards themselves are based on a rejected Topps design from the late sixties.

To check the status of the bracket click here.

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