Wednesday, April 22, 2020

MLB Dream Bracket Alt-Topps Cards Part 4

Red Sox v Rangers

Yankees v Mariners 

Tigers v Angels

Doubling up might not be enough to keep up, so I'm tripling up. This time we have three teams with a rich history versus three relative newcomers.  The Rangers were born as the expansion Senators in 1961. then moved to Texas in 1972. The '61 expansion also gave us the Angels. The Mariners were a 1977 expansion team. Neither the Mariners nor the Rangers have a World Series Title. The Angels have one, the Tigers have four. the Red Sox have nine, and the Yankees have twenty seven.

In the Red Sox - Rangers match up we have Cy Young, Wade Boggs, Ted Williams and David Ortiz for Boston.  For Washington/Texas we have knuckler Charlie Hough, Ivan Rodriguez, Frank Howard and Ruben Sierra.

In the Yankees - Mariners match up we have Whitey Ford, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle for the Bronx Bombers.  Jamie Moyer, Harold Reynolds, Ichiro and Kid Griff represent Seattle.

In the Tigers - Angels series Hal Newhouser, Ty Cobb, Al Kaline and Miguel Cabrera represent the Tigers.  On the Angels there is Nolan Ryan, Jim Fregosi, Rod Carew and Mike Trout.


These cards are base on the MLB Dream Bracket.  Not sure who picked the "all-time players". It is a product of Twitch, Out of the Park and Draft Kings.  I take no responsibility for their choices, good or bad.  The cards themselves are based on a rejected Topps design from the late sixties.

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