Wednesday, November 6, 2019

More 1975 Alt-Topps

Rookies, All Stars and Team Cards

In my last post I held back the AL MVP, Fred Lynn in favor of runner-up John Mayberry.  I kept him for this card along side of the 3rd place finisher in MVP voting and the ROY runner-up, Jim Rice. With a rookie class like this and narrowly losing the World Series in 1975, they would still wait 11 more years for their next World Series appearance. Rice and Dwight Evens were the only Red Sox that played in both Series.

In the NL the Rookie of the Year was Giants pitcher John Montefusco.  He's teamed up on this card with Jack Clark. Clark was a September call-up for the Giants at the age of 19.  Montefusco beat out HOF catcher, Gary Carter. Carter spent most of the 1975 season in the outfield.  Barry Foote was their everyday catcher despite hitting less than his weight.

For these All Star cards, I found some action photos from the 1974 All Star Game. Murcer was traded to the Giants in 1975 but appeared as a Yankee in the 1974 ASG.  Likewise, Aaron was dealt to the Brewers in 1975.  Unfortunately, both these stars went 0 for 2 in the '74 classic.  Aaron and Murcer would play in the 1975 ASG but for the opposite league.  This time as reserves, both would go hitless again.

I struggled a bit adapting this format to the traditional team card format.  After several attempts, this was the design that I disliked least. Here are the two Texan teams.  
The Rangers were led by Billy Martin at the start of '75 season. The Astros began the season with Preston Gomez. Martin would finish the 1975 season managing the Yankees replacing Bill Virdon.  Virdon would then move to Houston and replace Gomez as manager.


  1. Great job! I love the Lynn/Rice card!

  2. Excellent job on the All-Star cards. Wasn't sure how you would do it,but you came through as usual with a great design.

  3. Although there might be one person (not me!) who is disappointed with the lack of a dedicated Lynn rookie, I feel that the pairing of him and Jim Rice together is perfect. Also appreciate the memory jog on Gary Carter; he was so darn great that one forgets that he didn't just take that position immediately. Guess that Barry Foote's defensive skills were considerable. Have to agree that using this script on team cards was challenging, however they still came out pretty nice. Wonder what kids 44 years ago would have thought of them?! Before I sign off I thought that I would present you with a couple of "alts" in case my requests prove to be problematic. Topps didn't give us very good shots of Willie Davis (RIP 3 Dog - we still love you in LA) or Jim Perry in 75. Also, I suppose that if I'm going to think of Murcer to be fair I should think of Bonds Sr., as well. You're latest "time travel" escape for all of us is going great - keep up the good work! Hope my last entry (11/05?) wasn't too long, but looks like you endured it!! "Buzz" (Bryant)

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