Monday, November 11, 2019

Even More 1975 Alt-Topps

Traded, Post-Season, Leaders and Rookie Stars

There were certainly bigger trades in the 1975 season.  In my last post I mentioned two, Hank Aaron and Bobby Murcer. But here are couple semi-stars that ended up on unexpected teams. (Sorry Buzz if I stole your thunder).  Padres star Nate Colbert found himself on the Tigers for the first part of the 1975 season. He was later purchased by the Expos and would end the season in Montreal. After the Cubs traded Randy Hundley to the Twins in 1974, he was released then signed by the Padres. In 1976 he would return to the Cubs, He finished his career there in a much diminished capacity.

For the Playoff/World Series cards, I tried to incorporate both team color schemes. Rather than mimic the actual 1975 two-tone color scheme, I faded the colors.

On the leader cards, I kept the gradient color background of the playoff cards for continuity.  I copied the mid-seventies style of having one leader from each league on the cards. I also incorporated the team logos onto the cards as I did on the traded cards.
I had to include a HR leaders card which featured one of my favorite players, Dick Allen. In the NL Mike Schmidt won the first of 8 home run titles.  Rod Carew led the AL in batting average 6 times in the 1970s.  Meanwhile in the NL, "the Roadrunner" Ralph Garr hit a career high .353 and led the league in triples with 17.
Just for good measure, I threw in a couple Alt-Topps All Star Rookies.  Frank Tanana would go on to lead the league in strikeouts in 1975. Bill Madlock would be Co-MVP of the 1975 All Star Game.


  1. Nice. The All Star Rookies are a great addition.

  2. Just exceptional work! Really love the post season action shots, especially Russell, and those crazy A's. Never any need to apologize for anything, heck we now (already) have Hundley covered! Your other choice (Colbert) was interesting, as one might think that big Nate would have a perfect home in "Tiger" what with the overhang from the top deck. But, he seems to have largely "lost it " by the time he got to Motown (nor was he able to "refind" it @ Jarry). Completely agree with Old Cards, the Revere cupped rookie cards are great - Tanana and "Mad Dog" -good memories! "Buzz" (Bryant)

  3. Great job!

    Always love the World Series/Playoff cards. Need more!! ;)

  4. Just "Ol Buzz" buzzin back to give you your "props" for the Nate Colbert card. Given that he was on the field for the motor city for only about 2 & 1/2 months this must have been a pretty rare photo - good job! I had forgotten that his 75 Topps was just a "protection shot". Anyway, Nate's lack of "pop" makes me (and probably a few others) wish that Mgmt. would have held on to old #25 for at least one more year. "Buzz" (Bryant).

  5. Just can't resist one more comment. Here is one last idea for the request bin. Although there are already plenty of good Graig Nettles cards, the "glove design" depicted here is a natural to feature him. I think it was right about this time (75) that Graig started to finally get his due for the great work he was doing at he hot corner. You might want to consider him as well. "Buzz" (Bryant)

  6. Hi, just an old fan here who was somewhat shocked and definitely saddened to just now hear (belatedly) of the passing of Ron Fairly back on 10/30. Ron was always a solid player and good guy as well. Ron would fit nicely into this (75) set. Now both he and Rusty Staub are gone - and the world is a less happy place. Just sign me "La Petite Orange"

  7. Dear CTNW (Mr. Hogan) Just wishing you very merry Xmas! Hoping that you are hale and hearty and not on the D.L. Looking forward to any creations that you might be contemplating for 2020. I am confident that I speak for many who share our interest in the best times for baseball. Here is an invitation to others who are regulars to this blog to step up to the plate and express similar sentiments to the creator of so many fine cards. Sincerely "Buzz" (Bryant)

    1. Buzz, I assure you that I am healthy and doing well. Just crazy busy both personally and professionally. I am about 90% done with the requests that I had hoped to publish by Thanksgiving. I know I am extremely tardy. But it will get done. Sorry I am so slow.