Friday, July 12, 2019

1965 Alt-Topps Jim Bouton


There is not much to say about Jim Bouton that he hasn't already written.  If you are reading this blog, you are obviously an avid baseball fan.  If you haven't read "Ball Four" you are doing yourself a disservice.  This week baseball lost a great voice.


  1. Very nice card, John.

    I read Ball Four during the summer of 1971, and started reading an updated edition a few years ago. I will surely get back to it now.

  2. Great card, Yes. I am an avid baseball fan and an avid fan of your blog.

  3. Great to see a tribute to the original "bulldog" (still in his prime here). I have only read excerpts from BALL 4, but will def read it all now. By the way, speaking of books, my local library just got "Game Faces", a tribute to tobacco cards 1887-1914. This book published (2018) by the Smithsonian Museum, is just spectacular - a must for all true baseball fans, as well as students of American History.

  4. Whoops forgot my "Buzz" (Bryant) sign off (again) on the above. p.s. keep those 65's coming!!