Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1984 Topps Stadium Statues: Royals vs A's

A.L. Wildcard Edition

 For the first round of the playoffs (Including the one-game Wildcards) I created some cards featuring the various players whose statues grace their respective ball parks. I chose the 30 year old Topps card because the dual frames allows for a shot of the player along with his statue. I also just like the clean, classic design of the 1984 set.

Kauffman Stadium in Kanas City has statues of George Brett, Frank White, Dick Howser and the Kauffmans (Ewing and Murial). They are also making their first post season appearance since 1985. In 1985 White and Brett were still playing, Howser was Managing and the Kauffmans still owned the team.

The Oakland Collusium is without statues so I had to go to Philadelphia to find a member of the A's immortalized in bronze. In 1957 (3 years after the A's left Philadelphia) the statue of Connie Mack first graced a park across the street from Shibe Park which had been  renamed Connie Mack Stadium in 1953. When the Phillies moved to Veterans Stadium in 1971, so did the statue. Likewise when Citzen's Bank Park was built in 2004.


  1. I like this idea. You should sell Topps on an insert set of statue cards. The 1984 set template is perfect for it, too. Great work all around!

  2. Great find on the Connie Mack statue, I have some pix of the work that I want to put on a Phungo Card some year, but they have just not made the cut.

    I agree with Jacobmrley MLB Statues would be a great subset, also Retired Number banners.

  3. good thing the A's lost. it leaves you with options for the divisional round