Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1968 Detroit Tigers - Topps Traded

In my last post I made a couple 1968 Topps Tiger cards by request. In this post I am taking it a bit further. Truth is, I've been wanting to play around with "Traded" card designs for a while now. This is just my excuse. The idea of a 2-player traded card was flat out stolen from blogger Warren Zvon and his Mets Fantasy Cards blog. He has several great card variations on his site. Many of which I plan to steal in the future. 

Both of these players had 1968 Topps cards. Don McMahon on the Sox and Dennis Ribant on the Tigers. In their pictures neither of these two guys look particularly happy about the trade. The two relievers were traded for each other on July 26, 1968. The Tigers were apparently going for experience down the stretch trading Ribant for a pitcher nearly 12 years his senior. But McMahon ended up staying in the game 5 years after Ribant washed out.

I wanted to make single-player traded cards as well.  I went through several versions before settling on this style. Still not 100% satisfied with it but... 

Veteran relief pitcher, Roy Face was actually a late season pick up by Detroit. He only made 2 appearances in a Tigers uniform. In 1969 he was picked up by the expansion Montreal Expos. He was 4-2 with 5 saves but was let go again toward the end of the season.


  1. Your thievery honors me :)
    lol. You're not really stealing- there's only so many things we can do to these old card designs.
    I like the Sporting News touch on the solo. Sweet.

    I always ask myself the same question when trying to imagine or re-imagine a card: What could Topps have done? (not what "would" Topps have done- that's probably too limiting). I imagine this will not be the first time we come up with similar answers.

  2. This single player traded card design will only work for players with short names like "Roy Face". Lol!

    Bob O.

  3. I am interested in having some cards made. I am a big 1968 fan.How much?
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