Monday, May 5, 2014

1968 Detroit Tigers - By Request

Yep, I do requests even for anonymous comments. "Anonymous" asked me if I could make some 1968 Detroit Tigers. He specifically named Lenny Green and Jim Rooker. Lenny Green's last Topps card was in 1966 on the Red Sox. After being released by the Bosox at the end of 1966, he was signed by Detroit and played 58 games, batting a respectable .278. He only played 6 games for the Tigers in 1968 before being released mid season.

Jim Rooker pitched his first MLB game for the Tigers in 1968. He came in with the Tigers down 7-0 to the White Sox in the 4th inning at Tiger Stadium. In his first inning he gave up 2 runs on 2 singles, a double and 3 stolen bases. He would make his baseball card debut in 1969 on the Royals Rookie Stars card with a poorly touched up cap.

Don Pepper never actually played for the Tigers in 1968. The closest he came was when he came up for a cup of coffee at the end of the 1966 season. I included his photo because he was featured on the 1968 Sports Illustrated cover along with the other "Top Rookies" of 1968 along with the eventual Rookie of the Year, Johnny Bench. 


  1. I liked the 1975 topps highlights subset when it came out when I was kid. al kaline and zaz and willie mays were my favorite players. mays was gone after 73 and kaline after 74 . I was disappointed when willie didn't get a regular issue card for 74 and was hoping topps would give kaline one because he got 30000th hit in final year.his highlight card had the all-star symbol on it. I thought the picture on highlight card should have been his regular issue card with all-star symbol and his highlight card should have been a horizontal action photo of his 30000th hit . could you please do al kaline some justice with this thought ive had since 1975.thanks Kendrick roman,ohio


    1. yeah,thats a great looking card idea.the 1975 highlights subset had a horizontal card of the no-hitters thrown in 1974. I have always wondered what a horizontal photo of al kalines 3000th hit would look like in this format

  3. How much do you charge to do cards like the 1968 Tigers listed above?