Sunday, April 27, 2014

1966 Topps AL Leading Firemen: Kline, Fisher, Miller

Once again the pitcher with the most saves was not the "Fireman of the Year". I've given up trying to figure out how The Sporting News determined the leaders. So I've ranked them once again strictly by save totals.

 In 1965 Ron Kline led the AL with 29 saves but the Sporting News Fireman of the Year award went to Eddie Fisher. Fisher had 5 fewer saves but also had 4 fewer blown saves. He had the most pitching appearances and a 15-7 won-loss record compared to Kline's 7-6. Fisher also pitched the final 2 innings of the 1965 All Star Game. He surrendered a single hit to crosstown rival Ernie Banks. Rounding out the top 3 was Stu Miller. Miller was tied with Fisher with 24 saves but had 14 relief wins compared to Fisher's 15.


  1. I think The Sporting News used a formula where they added the saves and wins to determine their "Fireman of the Year."

    Bob O.

    1. I read that too. The only problem is the numbers don't always add up that way. Take 1963 for example both the AL & NL awards went to the save leaders despite the fact that other pitchers in both leagues had better overall records.