Sunday, November 17, 2013

1971 Topps All Star Cards : American League Infield

1971 Topps Boog Powell All-Star

Boog Powell was 2nd in MVP voting in 1969 and was the AL MVP in 1970. His dominance didn't cross over into the 1970 All Star game, though. He went 0 for 3 batting clean-up for the AL.

1971 Topps Davey Johnson All-Star

The Orioles' Gold Glove 2nd baseman, Davey Johnson was selected to his 3rd All Star game and his 1st as a starter in 1970. I always remember him being referred to as "Davey" yet Topps always listed him as Dave well past his playing days and into his managerial years.

1971 Topps Luis Aparicio All-Star

Luis Aparicio hit a career high .313 in 1970. He also won his 9th and final Gold Glove that year. He was traded to the Red Sox after the 1970 season. The White Sox retired his number in 1984, the year he was voted into the Hall of Fame.

1971 Topps Harmon Killebrew All-Star

Killebrew was one of only 3 AL starters to get a hit in the 1970 All Star game. The Killer had an impressive .308 batting average in his 13 All Star game appearances.


  1. The photos you use are always so kool. Usually rare and unseen, at least to me, and that always makes me go WoW. I mean, Boog Powell with a sh*t eating grin? His expression makes me think that might be a literal description.

    Great cards, as always :)

  2. Is that killebrew card made from a Dexter Press card

  3. Good eye. I didn't pick up on that. I Try to find pictures that havent been used on other cards. This time I missed it. Too bad because there is no shortage of good photos of "the Killer".

  4. After tonight's Oriole game, there was a post-game ceremony to commemorate the team's 60th anniversary. They had a number of former Orioles in attendance, and as each one was introduced, they projected highlights, images and Topps baseball cards on to the side of the Camden Yards warehouse.

    I was watching this on TV with my wife, and after they introduced Boog Powell, part off my brain said "Heyyyyyyyyy, wait a minute..." A quick internet search confirmed what I thought: One of the three Boog cards shown was a custom... the above custom. Yes, your creation has been projected on the side of the Camden Yards warehouse.

    Congratulations! Even if it's unintentional, it's hard to imagine a nicer compliment.