Thursday, April 1, 2021

Series 2 Packs - Sold Out!!!

Here is the second pack of physical cards from this blog.  I am selling these through this site for $10.00 per pack plus $4.50 shipping. Please use the link:

Sold Out
I was hoping to have these done by opening day.  I just barely made it. This group is split between my "Barrier-Breakers" series and some of the baseball legends we lost this past year.  You can also buy them individually on eBay. My seller's name there is ctnwblog_8.

So, what's in each pack?

12 Cards That Never Were plus a special insert.

The insert card is a 1969 Joe Morgan Deckle.

All cards are professionally printed.

Front and Back.

The backs are formatted in a style consistent with their year.

The front of the cards are glossy.

The backs are not.

These are similar in look and feel to the Topps Archives cards.

This pack is made up of cards from my "Barrier-Breaker" series, featuring the first Black player on each team.

It also includes some legendary players that we lost this past year.

For those that wish to buy the cards individually,

They are currently available on eBay. 

My user name on eBay is ctnwblog_8.

Don't forget to comment on my give-away post for a chance to win a 1968 Gibson, or Seaver or BOTH!


  1. Ordered! As a person who makes custom cards, I absolutely want to support other folks who do too. Can't wait to see them in person!

  2. Ordered! Came over here from Gio at WthBalls. I assume the first pack is unavailable? In any event, Cheers!

  3. Is this still an active sell? Anybody up for seeing some 1972-73 basketball creations of mine?

  4. Yes, There are 8 packs left. And where can we see your creations?

  5. Awesome! I can't wait to buy some.

  6. correct me if i'm wrong, but i was under the impression that Tom Seaver was right-handed...he appears to be left-handed in the card

    1. Yes. And so is Bob Gibson. These were their original 1968 cards before Topps realized the "Prank". By that time they had already made it onto the proof sheet.