Monday, May 4, 2020

MLB Dream Bracket Alt-Topps Cards Pt. 11

Results of  MLB Dream Bracket 

Quarter Finals and Semi Finals

The semi finals contained teams that had long, rich histories.  The Yankees were born as the Baltimore Orioles in 1901. The moved to the Big Apple in 1903 and became the Highlanders. In 1913 they were renamed the Yankees.

The Red Sox were also founded in 1901. The Boston American League team had no official nickname until 1908 when they adapted Red Sox from the Boston NL team the Boston Red Stockings. The NL Boston Red Stockings were actually the original Cincinnati Red Stockings and would eventually become the Boston Braves. The Boston AL team had many unofficial nicknames prior to 1908, Pilgrim, Puritans, Somersets and Americans.

The Reds claim to be the oldest team in baseball. This is not entirely true. The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional ball club, born in 1869.  As mentioned earlier that club moved to Boston and lives on now as the Atlanta Braves. This franchise was actually born in 1882 also named Red Stockings. It was often shortened to Reds. In 1911 it became official with the appearance of "Reds" on their uniform.  During the McCarthyism era in the fifties, they briefly changed their name to Redlegs in a shameful effort to distance themselves.

The Dodgers were originally the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1883. Then for many years, had no official nickname. They were called the Superbas, the Infants, the Bridegrooms, the Robins, the Trolley Dodgers or just the Dodgers for many years. It wasn't until 1932 that "Dodgers" became official and  appeared on their jerseys.

For these brackets, I re-used the cards I had created for each team right up until the semifinals. At that point I needed to create new cards for Jeter, Gehrig, Tiant, Larkin, Bench and Koufax.

These cards are base on the MLB Dream Bracket.  Not sure who picked the "all-time players". It is a product of Twitch, Out of the Park and Draft Kings.  I take no responsibility for their choices, good or bad.  The cards themselves are based on a rejected Topps design from the late sixties.

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  1. Glad to see the teams with long histories making it to the final brackets. Not really a Yankees fan, but I appreciate their history and there overall impact on the game. Thanks for the background info. Very nice Tiant card.