Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Bat Around: Make Topps 2021 Better!

How Much is Too Much?

Topps came out with their new design and I just think it's too much. Way too much going on in the border. The honeycomb fade, the multi layer inner border with dashes and dots and bevels and corner structure is just overkill. Add to that the needless multi-layered diagonal slashes and it's just gaudy.

I simplified the design but tried to keep the original feel of the card.  As usual, I couldn't get the font just right.  But overall it makes for a cleaner looking card.  

I'd like to see some of the other bloggers who also design cards give their interpretation.  I'll post this on Twitter, too.

Here's the link to the Getty Image that Topps used for this card:

I know that some of you card creators can do a better version than I did.  And I'm sure it will be better than this Topps version.  My belief is that, in this case, less is more.  You might hold the exact opposite opinion. I'd like to see that, too.

This is my first ever attempt at a "Bat Around".  Please don't leave me hanging.


Here are the first three retakes on the 2021 Topps cards I've seen. I'll keep udating this post as I see more 2021 remixes.

Click these links to see the original posts: from left to right Roselle Avenue Custom Cards, Design on Deck and Topps Cards That Never Were (no relation, lol).

I like the fact that 2 of the designs included a close-up photo.  Topps incorporated dual photos 1954-56, then again in 1960, 63, 83, 84, 96 (kinda), and 2003. It's a feature that I've always liked. They should use it more often.

*****************Another Update 8/11/20***************

Click the links to see the original blog posts on The Collective Mind and Baseball Card Breakdown,

The incorporation of the 70th anniversary logo into the border on the left card is inspired.  I really enjoy "Defgav's" simple white border.  It looks like the modern equivalent of the 1957 Topps,  I would definitely collect those cards.


  1. Holy moly, I almost never do blog "Bat Around" posts but this is a GREAT idea for a blog Bat Around. You've inspired me to give it a try and it's awesome that you've provided a link to the Getty image. It might take a week but I'll make it happen. btw, your version sets a really high bar--great job!

  2. I’ll probably do one. I don’t really mind the 2021 design. It is very ‘modern’ and evokes memories of recent Donruss and Bowman sets, but I’m happy we get borders, and after 2016, 2018, 2019, and this year, I’m ok with this one.

    1. I don't like to be overly negative. Nor do I hate everything new. This design just seems to be overly busy, especially the border. In my opinion, there is just too much going on. I wish they would figure out which style they are going for then execute that style. That being said, the best endorsement I could give is that I don't hate it, but it has room for improvement.

      I'd actually like to see somebody go in the exact opposite direction and add even more random elements to this design. Push the limits.

  3. Looks very much like Donruss last year.

  4. Donruss is OK, but I don't like Bowman. I'm up for the BBA!

  5. Yeah too busy for sure. Like your simplified version better.

  6. There is my try at it.

  7. I've always like the "less is more" when it comes to cards. Even removing the "slash" on lower left side would be better, less clutter.

  8. Just put mine up...